Thursday, January 17, 2008

VCS 5.0 not starting in Windows 2003

I'm setting a 2 node Windows 2003 cluster using VSF HA 5.0 and in the process of testing I shut off all nodes and only turned 1 on. I couldn't connect to the cluster with the VCS Cluster Manager. If you do the same or lose all nodes or somehow the cluster completely crashes, here how you can solve this problem.

Look in your event viewer and you will see an error in application, source Had or maybe the same message in a popup. VCS CRITICAL V-16-1-11306 Did not receive cluster membership, manual intervention may be needed for seeding. Run the following command in a command prompt.

gabconfig -x

This will enable seed of control port, if it is not in your server path it is under "\Veritas\comms\gab". Connect as normal through your Cluster Manager.

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